The newspaper earlier this month finally said my paperwork was good to go, so now I may finally work on assignments. I’m still seeking a part time job to supplement this. 

Recently I interviewed at my local Sonic and they decided to have me in for a “shadow shift” to see if they would hire me. This ultimately didn’t go well, as they treated it as if they were showing me how to do things when really they wanted me to jump in and do things without knowing this was what they wanted. They said as I was leaving they’d call me with a schedule for the following week, but that never happened. 

Overall I’m not letting this discourage me. I feel like that particular job must not have been the right opportunity. But at the same time, I do have experience at fast food tasks and had I known what they expected I could have exhibited that. 

I interviewed at a local McDonald’s earlier in the fall, and my stutter was particularly pronounced that day for whatever reason. The manager interviewing me asked me if I was on medications. (I’m puzzled as to why she would think this appropriate to ask in a job interview at all.) I told her no. And she said in a harsh way, “Really?! None at all?!”

This town is the town where I grew up, and there are moments where I remember crystal clear why I hated it here. There are also times I find ways to be happy enough here despite all of it. 

I feel like something will line up soon, but I hope no more rude interviewers and no more cryptic “shadow shifts”.

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