Hopeful & tired. 

I had a job interview today. The company is a mail order/online order business. The position would involve typing and backroom work. I would be off my feet for a part of the day and would spend the rest of the day doing the aspect of retail that I love (without having to deal with the aspects I hate most). The job pays decently well. I want the job; I need a job, period. 

So I played really hard at how I came off in the interview. I think it seemed to go well in terms of chance that I may be one of the people chosen to be hired. But by the end I was spent. On my way out I was supposed to sign out with the receptionist. I barely knew how to talk to her. 

As achy as I’ve been getting from all the walking I’ve had to do in my job searching, I was glad to have a long walk home today in a way. I was glad the bulk of the walk was a long country road with almost no houses or businesses on it. 

I put extra energy into this job interview. This is not to say I don’t usually put energy into a job interview; certainly I do. But it’s harder for me to get excited about, say, a job at fast food place than it is to get excited about keeping a stock room organized and handling damaged merchandise claims. The idea of getting to do this while not dealing with being on a sales floor sounds even better. 

Here’s hoping my energy expended pays off. 

3 thoughts on “Hopeful & tired. 

    1. I got the job and have been working a little over a week. I’ll probably post about it soon. I won’t be surprised if I’m overall less active here. Full time first shift is a bit of a doozy for me. But I do like most of the tasks I’m doing.

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      1. Omg yay!!! Congratulations, luv!! I hope it works out well for you! Yeah, I hear you about the energy demands; I can relate, as I’ve been knee-deep in projects at work and finally getting some sleep this week – that “work” and “sleep” stuff really cut into the blogging time I’d had 😉💞.

        I totally understand about not being around as much; that’s bound to happen 😊. But I’m so excited that your lower activity here is for such a happy reason! Go you 😘❤️👏🏼🙏🏼💓


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