the silent wave

I’ve written a lot before about acting and masking.  For the cheap seats, it’s a prevalent theme throughout the Asperger’s/autism spectrum community.

The way I see it, “masking” is the idea of putting on a proverbial mask, one that covers up your true personality, your true self, etc.  In essence, hiding who you truly are.  “Acting”, on the other hand, is related, but different; one either adopts the characteristics or even persona of another, or perhaps constructs a new persona altogether.

I’ve acted and masked all my life, from my second year of kindergarten onward (yep, you read that right; I spent two years in kindergarten.  Long story.  Not due to intellectual or cognitive impairment).  Acting and masking are survival traits of sorts for me.  I couldn’t have “functioned” in this world without them.  Masks and acting roles construct a hologram of me that is deemed acceptable by my peers.

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4 thoughts on “Living the ‘lie’ (reblog)

    1. I know I have a mask I am able to use, though I’m too tired to use it in situations where I might have before. I know it has served me in certain regards – I have worked a lot in the field of retail and received favorable reviews from managers. However in those same scenarios in retail it led managers at Walmart to pull all my help out of garden center to other tasks, saying “she can handle it!” During peak of Christmas rush this ended with me having chest pains at the register and quitting the job.

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      1. Ugh I’m so sorry that happened to you, girl 😢 It sucks when people don’t take us seriously. Walmart is the worst; I despise how they treat their employees. I’m sorry that it happened the way it did, but I’m so relieved you got out of there! 💞

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