Sleepy time?

When I got home from the hospital ten years ago, I told my parents I wanted something natural to help me sleep. They spoke with their trusted pharmacist, a lady who often fully urges her customer base to try these methods first. She recommended they buy a product containing l-tryptophan, melatonin, valerian root and chamomile. They did, and I took this each night the rest of that summer. It worked. 

Off and on for a few years I would buy a bottle of valerian root pills and they worked. As I sunk further into alcoholism and alcohol began to significantly worsen my insomnia, I began buying both valerian root pills and melatonin pills and taking them together to sleep every night. It worked for some time and kept my nightly drinking down to a just somewhat more than moderate amount. After some time I found myself needing more melatonin and valerian to do this. And after some more time it got to where only drinking until I had no choice but to go to bed “worked”. Even after this level was reached, for a long time it was still such that if I stepped back from drinking for a short period of even a few days things like valerian would begin working again.

However somewhere in the last year it got to a point where even stepping back from alcohol would not allow valerian and/or melatonin to work in me. I decided recently to give up drinking for good and am well approaching a week without thus far, but I had been fretting wondering how long it would be before I could figure out what would help me sleep/valerian could work again. 

Last night my friend I’m staying with got home from the grocery store and among his purchases was a bag of whole valerian root. Now I had had the pills and the valerian-containing teas, but I had never even seen the whole root itself. Well when I went to bed last night I broke off a small piece of the root to chew. 

I was amazed how well chewing the root worked at making my mind calm down and making me sleepy. I drifted off to sleep. This morning I am amazed and pleased with how soundly I slept and what a low level of anxiety I awoke with. Hello, valerian, my old friend. I may never go back to the capsules/tea again. 


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