How to Support People with Seizures | Purple Day 2017 (reblog)

Little Hux Tales

First of all, thank you for opening this post.

While followers of this blog might know I am autistic, you might not know I’ve had seizures for ten years as well. They developed long before we had an inkling that autism was a possibility, and I was diagnosed with non epileptic seizures. We now know that the mechanism of my seizures is linked to my inability to process emotions in a neurotypical way, and how my body deals with stress and meltdowns.

Unsure how to help people with seizures? No fear, I’m here.

  1. Ask and listen. We know our seizures intimately and can share with you a wealth of information about our own experiences. Ask about their triggers and ask about when to call emergency services – ambulances are expensive and often unnecessary. My line is call an ambulance for me if I’ve clearly injured my head. For epileptic people…

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