#JuliaWeGotYourBack #AutisticandProud 

Eve of American Badass Advocates (http://americanbadassadvocates.org) has written an excellent piece in response to those who would criticize the presence of a humanizing representation of an autistic girl on Sesame Street.

From the article:

This is what all kids should be seeing — not hate, exclusion and otherness .  Autistic children deserve to be included in society, represented in our culture and seen having a positive impact on communities too.

So, Julia just came out into public on Sesame Street and already a backlash.  Something Autistics are familiar all to well. Maybe this negative can be created into a positive.

Can we set an example of support? Support for this Autistic puppet — to represent support for Autistic people?

Yes, she’s a puppet, but Julia needs our support. Let her, and other little Autistics that are watching, know that we got her (their) back out here. Let’s help Elmo and his friends support and advocate for Julia.

Maybe we can take this BS and create something good.


Read the rest here: 

#NormalAutisticHere | Sesame Street’s Julia Humanizes Autistics, and Some Folks Hate That


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