Get yourself a trucker’s atlas.

I have always been obsessed with roads and maps. I used to deal with frustration from high school peers by driving the countryside for hours. I just get this insatiable desire to know where all the roads go. I’ve been blessed with a good sense of direction and could always trust myself to turn on new roads and not get lost. 

At one point I used this ability and these drives to hand draw the next county over attached onto a map of my county. After awhile I compared it to a professionally done map. Pretty darn accurate. 

There was a boy in my high school who became fascinated with asking me if I knew where certain roads were. He only ever stumped me with one, and it was technically a private driveway with a sign. He kept asking me if I literally had a map inside my head I could look at and turn every which way. He honestly wasn’t too far off the mark. It’s kind of like that. 

These days I have a dear friend of many years who is interested in roads and maps too. We have literally talked for an hour before about a mile long stretch of a single road. I had a boyfriend I was living with at the time pretty incredulous by that. 

The only other person I had known be as into these topics as me before was my grandpa who bought me a brand new trucker’s atlas each year. I used to get a lot of joy from those. 

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